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Test Work-IQ!
To measure your organization's Work-IQ answer the questions below.  Use the pop-up boxes to select the number from "1" to "5" that best reflects what happens in your organization.
1 = 10%  or less
2 = 11% - 25%
3 = 26% - 50%
4 = 51% - 75%
5 = 75% - 100%
Work Behaviors
Are your work processes lean and efficient?
Are your links between people and departments well-defined?
Does work move through your organization in a logical and consistent manner?
Are talent and tasks aligned in your organization?
Work Environment
Are work behaviors enhanced by your psychological climate?
Do your teams and departments put company success first?
Are your management practices bringing out the best in employees?
Work Mind-Set
Are your employees committed to your success?
Do your employees know how to manage their mental and emotional states?
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