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BeSci delivers results driven solutions that increase performance and productivity.

BeSci's 3 Step Program
Step1: Performance/Productivity Assessments
Too often organizations jump to solutions before they have identified the factors that limit their success.
BeSci begins with a scientific assessment of the building blocks of peak performance and productivity:
Work Behaviors: How efficient are you?
Work Environment: Does your psychological climate support peak performance?
Work Mind-Set: Do employees know how to tap into their full potential?

Within each area, BeSci identifies:

Success drivers
Factors limiting performance and productivity
Step2: Results-Driven Solutions

BeSci experts use cutting edge technologies to design programs that streamline work behaviors and create a psychological environment that brings out the best in employees. Our pragmatic solutions make a difference to your bottom line and continue to work for you over the long-term.
BeSci's solutions are:

Focused on increasing your performance and productivity.
Designed to meet your special needs.
Based on applying ideas from Toyota Production System to the work behaviors of knowledge workers.
Based on the latest research on human performance and behavior.
Drawn from BeSci's hands-on experience increasing organizational effectiveness.
Step 3: On-Going Feedback for Continuous Improvement
Just as a world-class race car has a dash-board full of measures that tell the driver how the car is running, BeSci builds financial and nonfinancial measures into solutions. These provide continuous feedback that you can use to pinpoint where adjustments and refinements are needed to create an on-gong cycle of success.
Nonfinancial measures that capture hard-to-measure performance behaviors in areas that are critical to your success.
Models that link nonfinancials to overall organizational financial performance.
Corrective interventions that ensure your continual improvement.



Only two out of every ten employees work up to their full potential. National Commission on Productivity

Nonfinancials are measures that don't appear on your balance sheets and profit and loss statements. They provide inside information on how employees in your organization are functioning.

Examples of nonfinancials are employee absentism and turnover, employee/management conflict rates, the quality and timeliness of team outputs, customer retention rates.

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