Client Services

Strategic Human Resource Planning
Organizations often make human resource decisions based on the needs of the moment. BeSci helps you develop long-term strategic plans. These allow you to make decisions that maximize your use of human capital and build a knowledge-based workforce that can quickly adjust to the challenges of the twenty-first century.
Performance Management and Measurement
BeSci brings the science of human performance to your workplace. In the past decades both our understanding of human performance and ability to measure it have grown significantly. This is witnessed in the world of athletics where records are continually being broken. BeSci uses this knowledge to help you create a high performance workplace.
Performance Feedback Systems
All great performances depend on feedback. You can't improve if you don't know how you are doing. Moreover, the right feedback is a great motivator. Constant feedback is one reason that people become so absorbed in games. BeSci builds feedback systems that motivate employees by using this love of games and at the same time let you keep track of how you are doing as an organization.
Talent Management and Support
Hiring the right people and exercising emotionally intelligent management is key to creating the high performance workplace. BeSci shows you how to do this while keeping human resource costs at a minimum. For organizations that want to avoid the expense of a human resource department, BeSci provides on-line human resource services that make state-of-the-art human resource services affordable regardless of your size.


BeSci Behavior Scientific is dedicated to helping you build a high performance organization.
Our teams of Harvard trained professionals go the extra mile to deliver solutions that take your performances to the next level and increase your profit margins.

Knowledge workers add value by working with their minds rather than their hands.

As manufacturing jobs move off-shore, the economies of developed countries are increasingly dependent on knowledge workers.

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