The BeSci Model

The BeSci model incorporates the three factors that are essential to high performance: efficient work behaviors, psychologically supportive work environments and motivating work mind-sets. When these factors are strong and operate in harmony, high performance and productivity naturally follow. Using this model, BeSci identifies your strengths and areas where you can improve. BeSci then tailors solutions to minimize your weaknesses and capitalize on what makes you exceptional.
See if BeSci can help your organization. Below are examples of the BeSci approach.
Work Behaviors
Are your work behaviors lean and efficient?
Are your links between people and departments well-defined?
Does work move through your organization in a logical and consistent manner?
How well are talent and tasks aligned in your organization?
Work Environment
Does your psychological climate enhance work processes?
Do your teams and departments put company success first?
Do your management practices bring out the best in employees?
Work Mind-Set
How committed are employees to your success?
Do your employees know how to manage their mental and emotional states?

Work with BeSci to put productivity back into your workplace.



Organizations are chains of people and machines whose linked actions create services and products. Twisted or broken links impair organizational effectiveness. Only when individual links are strong and the interrelationships between links are fully functional can organizations express their true power. Myra S. White

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