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Behavior Scientific (BeSci) uses the science of human performance to bring out the best in knowledge workers.

What BeSci Does
Strategic Human Resource Planning
Performance Management and Measurement
Performance Feedback Systems
Talent Management and Support
Training and Seminars

BeSci Provides Smart Solutions & Real Results

BeSci Harvard trained experts use tools based on:
Cutting-edge research in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and human behavior.
Proven techniques used by world-class athletes.

The Unique BeSci Approach
BeSci Develops Value-Added Human Resource Strategies
Many organizations make human resource decisions based on the needs of the moment. BeSci helps clients develop long-term strategic plans that maximize their return on investment in human assets.
BeSci Uses a Three-Dimensional Performance Model
BeSci has found that top performance only occurs when work behaviors, work environments and work mind-sets are maximized. BeSci streamlines work behaviors, designs psychologically supportive work environments, and creates work mind-sets that make it easy for employees to tap into their full potential.
BeSci Shows You How to Keep Score
Workplaces can't improve if no one knows how to keep score. BeSci identifies the hard-to-measure human factors that drive workplace performance and develops tools to measure them.
BeSci Builds Non-Stop Improvement Systems
Workplaces that stand still quickly become obsolete. BeSci applies the scientific method to knowledge work by installing feedback systems that provide continuous performance data and track change effectiveness.
BeSci Makes Work Fun
A secret of successful companies is that employees find work fun and meaningful. They feel that they make a difference. BeSci feedback systems make work a game and put employees in control of their performance.

The BeSci Philosophy
Problems and change are simply opportunities to be better. They provide the information that an organizations needs to chart its path to success. A world-class organization, like an expert sailor, continually adjusts its sails to capitalize on the powerful information that problems and change provide.

The BeSci Credo
BeSci views work as an absorbing game in which you must match your wits against an ever changing universe. To help clients win, BeSci prides itself on going the extra mile for them.

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